Space Design

Immerse your clients in a multisensory experience of your brand. Give your employees a daily dose of awesome. Give your competitors something to talk
aboutOur SPACE design gives our clients’ brands a unique voice by focusing on integral elements that provide a sensory experience.Our spaces frame the people’s Office Space De- sign lives that gather there, and affect how they feel, and behave. Good design activates the senses and satisfies the


When both staff and guest connect with a space on a personal level, it builds a dedicated base of brand loyalists. A business that shows up on social media enjoys added value through authentic,organic marketing.

A space that is thoughtfully planned and designed just feels right. We
strive to deliver the intangible, the emotional connection.


Space Design Includes

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Office Space Design
  • Retail Space design
  • Interactive Promotional Space
  • Activations
  • Event Branding
  • Expos
  • Billboards
  • Promotional Beacons
  • Holograms

The Colab is situated in Blairgowrie and we offer our CoLab-Orators  310m² hot desks, dedicated work desks and a  4×4 Office for those needing their own dedicated space. The CoLab-Orators are offered a month to month contract which secures them their working space, unlimited fiber internet, access to boardrooms and other working space to suit different needs that arise.

The following are the different spaces we are creating in the Lab.

The Jetsetter is our dedicated conferencing, meeting and consultation space. Spotting our custom-made desks that can be pulled apart should they need to be used as such in a training.

Our Whitespace is the perfect informal break-away space, for everyone and those CoLab-Orators only needing a workspace for a day, with high chairs and a view for our CoLab-Orators to be able to think renewed ideas.  

Our BigLab has stunning and ergonomic desks and work chairs for our ongoing CoLab-Orators, offering a collaborative workstation for the guys to layout their work on as they create the next best solutions.   

The Escaperoom has comfortable couches and a gaming console with unlimited fiber internet, making it the ideal space for catching a break or stress-free brainstorming.

The Holodeck where the imagination becomes a reality through our white, black, blue and greenscreen video and photography studio